Public sector offers a unique set of an industry – following the principles of delayed receivables and payables, the assets that utilized combine to form the future roadmap to service the public infrastructure. The accounting structure of the public sector is very unusual, being a non-profit sector, the apportionment and the control of the incoming resources requires planning and strong monitoring.

SAP offers a very substantial knowledge and solution area to address and improve the public-sector processes giving more control to accounting practices.

Public sector levies the public with utility charges and payables for various categories separated into domestic, commercial and industrial. The domestic user is defined separately with a unique code, the utility of the units to a certain extent charges the user a set percentage per unit used. Exceeding the limit applies onto the user a different set of rates per unit utilized.

Commercial and industrial zones are also defined on the public-sector roadmap.

SAP maps public sector with a separate industry standard module which delivers a powerful set of big data, helping public sector to plan expansion, current service improvement and aids the sector with optimized collections.

Biafotech experts have delivered public sector with seamless and smooth transition. Transformation of Public sector with SAP gives transparency, control and effective measures that can be placed.