Textiles is a very complex environment considering the variations in the textile sector. From apparel making and printing to home accessories to raw material finishing. The dynamism in the textile has made this industry very knowledge complex; hence the running processes are quite established to give way for a new and better industry standard.

SAP gives a powerful package for textile sector – integrating processes like Wadding, Weaving, Bleaching, Singeing, Dyeing, Printing, Cutting, Folding, Packing and Delivery. These very processes are knit together in a unit which involves a high number of human capital, soaring overheads, varying machine process which vary factory to factory.

Challenge for ERP is to understand and interpret the business processes which define textile sector. Mapping the ERP function onto the textile processes is a very critical procedure. Production, HCM, Costing are the modules which stand to interpret the crux and core of the textile sector

Biafotech has expert who have experience exceeding more than 10 years. Addressing and mapping the engine of textiles requires deep business insight and a powerful and deep SAP knowledge to deliver results. Biafotech has empowered textile sector to perform better than conventional standards at an even better pace.