Planning and executing system automation of a business which takes care of 30,000+ student, enrolled throughout the year, under various streams of study which requires heavy asset resources, knowledge banks, human capital – ensuring the scheduling, revenue streams, analytics of high and low performing departments, controlling overheads, allocation of budgets, grants and scholarships; the well-knit education network is a monumental case study to integrate within SAP landscape.

Biafotech is one of its kind consulting companies which took up the first ever Education sector SAP implementation across Pakistan. Rolling out the SAP SLCM through the academic domain required specialized resource to fuse the process within SAP.

Biafotech not only went ahead and deployed, the University has grown many leaves over, planning further possibilities through rollouts and expansion. Primary requirement was bringing to light areas which were left unmonitored hence the loss of the resources was unknown.

Biafotech continues to support and engage in the Education sector with ongoing support to improve and discover better solutions to put the University on Global Education map.