Business driven technology enablement means you have an opportunity to transform your business potential with powerful transparency and execution. Gaining business competitiveness is not an overnight achievement. Bit by bit, step by step, controlled and well planned execution of your business processes, requires complete and comprehensive attention and world-class expertise to understand and devise simple yet effectively streamlined business process improvement solution.

This is Biafotech. Solutions, business driven, advanced experience and a strong team of top-tier consultants and experts who have turned around companies. Companies, which gained considerable investment benefit with powerful set of process integrating technology and automation solutions.

Biafotech helps you achieve the long-term strategic goals. Resources which are focused to deliver you what ‘you’ need, not what is to be ‘sold’. Our teams collaborate and plan with you. Staying focused and aligned with your business requirement is our prime objective.

Our approach towards clients’ needs is with proprietary accelerators and methodologies to increase the pace of delivery of projects with high optimization of Return of Investments.

Equipped with technical and core industry knowledge – our consultants bring with them diverse experiences of their domains as subject matter experts. Our experts can help you adopt the best practices for industry-specific solutions. Prior industry knowledge and accelerated project implementation methodology will deliver you the best economical projects.


Biafotech gives you the answer to your business specific requirements.


Our mission

Founded in 2016, Biafotech wishes to be the Consultancy with a 360 view to challenges. We are a technology company but we also believe that not everything is a technological issue – that is where our years of Business and Management Consultancy experience comes in.

We take pride in becoming partners to our clients and helping their businesses and brands do better.

  • Rationalise your Technology ROI
  • Help you decide what is best for your organization
  • Create multi-year roadmap for you thanks to our years of insight in the industry
  • Turnaround your operations

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